The administration BEFORE and AFTER the Great Tribulation

The collapse of this system of things, will represent, for to quickly summarize the DAY AFTER situation of the Great Storm: The Return to “The Stone Age”. In fact, this generic expression of “Stone Age” is summarizing this sudden disappearance of this worldwide human technological system and this worldwide human technological administration… The People of God must be prepared now, to this sudden Return to the “Stone Age”. For this, it must be quickly taken important decisions to be ready to administrate the “DAY BEFORE” and the “DAY AFTER” the Great Tribulation. These new worldwide situations will be, in fact, a visible and invisible new dimension of realities on Earth. According Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, Jehovah is preparing a Great Storm, the Great Tribulation. It is now the time to be spiritually and mentally prepared to really enter into another strange new dimension of spiritual realities (Hebrews 11:1-3; 1 Peter 4:12).

For to summarize, the best way of this worldwide preparation must be quickly done with the Actual Internet Network System for to install the scattered new system of biblical administration as Human Network Administration based on the Bible (Particularly in the Administration of the Time of Moses: “Remember the Law of my servant Moses, the regulations and judgments that I commanded at Hoʹreb for all Israel to obey” (Malachi 4:4 compare with Hebrews 10:1). We’ll use the Law for to know the Mind of Jehovah, and the Mind of Jesus Christ, for to know how to organize this future Only Human Network Administration, Christians organized in local communities, interconnected in regional communities with the coordination of Chiefs (Princes), Elders (Priests) and Ministerial Servants (Levites). The following biblical administrative presentation will be based on first, biblical spiritual administration, and after in the biblical logistical administration of physical human necessities based on the Law of Moses.

In concrete, the Authority in Connection what is visible, like the visible administration of a Group of People, this Authority is Pyramidal, That is, Only One Chief (Prince) administrating a group of People like nation. In that case, according the Former Nation of Israel, Moses, Joshua and the others Judges, and after the Kings, in that case, Jehovah decided that there would be Only One Leader over the Nations of Millions of People. But under the authority of this main Leader, there were others Chiefs or princes, that could have another chiefs or princes under these “second” chiefs, as a pyramidal system of authority to administrate the visible part of the People of God.

A biblical human pyramidal administration

The council of Jethro, and after what Moses did, is the concrete illustration of this Pyramidal Authority (Exodus 18):

“Moses immediately listened to his father-in-law and did all that he had said. 25 Moses chose capable men out of all Israel and appointed them heads over the people, as chiefs of thousands, chiefs of hundreds, chiefs of fifties, and chiefs of tens. 26 So they judged the people when cases arose. A difficult case they would bring to Moses, but every minor case they would judge. 27 After that Moses saw his father-in-law off, and he went his way to his land” (Exodus 18:23-27).

It was a pyramidal system of authority of the Chief (Prince) Moses (at that time). In concrete, in that time, the census was made on the basis of valid men who were able to have an active part in the administration of the nation. In that case, the women and the children (under 20 years old for the boys) weren’t part of this active administration of the Nation of Israel (according important decisions). The expression “600 000 Men on foot, besides children” in Exodus 12:37, the men were at least 20 years old and at the most, they were 60 years old (Compare Leviticus 27:3 with verse 7, and also with 1 Timothy 5:9 “sixty years old” according widows in Christians congregations).

The administration of the communities of Brothers and Sisters and Children

It is important to say that these communities are not the same as the “congregations” organized to worship Jehovah through the Elders (Priests) and the Ministerial Servants. The administration of these communities has the main purpose to cope with basic human necessities of food, dressing and food, under the leadership of chieftains or princes (that are not the Elders (Priests) of the Congregation).

Returning to the biblical text of Exodus 18:23-27 the basic community of Brothers and Sisters and Children must be organized on the first base of 10 valid Men (Brothers). One Man will be “Chief” on this group of 10 Valid Men. This “Chief of 10” will coordinate the administration inside this little community. Every group of 10 will have Women and Children and Old Brothers and Sisters (THE DAY BEFORE). That means that a group of 10 Valid Men could include more than 30, 40, 50 or maybe more people in this little community of 10.

According the system installed by Moses, 5 groups of 10 would have to be directly coordinated by a “Chief” of 50. This Chief of 50 will administrate and coordinate the necessities of these 5 little communities of 10, visiting them and making the link between them for to coordinate the different spiritual and material necessities. There will be 2 chiefs of 50, under the rule of 1 chief of 100 who will make the link between the two groups of 50. This Chief of 100, will be informed according some problems of administration, and will help these two chiefs of 50. This Chief of 100 will also give important information, given to him by the chief of 1000. The group of 10 chiefs of 100 will be under the rule of one chief of 1000.

But the important question is: How to determine the necessity of chiefs of 50, chiefs of 100, chiefs of 1000, and chiefs of 10000? Here is the important point regarding the “demographic” administration, instead of geographical administration: The Former People of God were organized on this demographic base of 600 000 Valid Men. And it was on this base that the administration of the Pyramidal authority was made. That is, the first administration, in the period of 7 months, will be based on the effective number of survivors of the Great Tribulation.

According the prophecy of Ezekiel, the authority of these chiefs won’t be mixed or won’t interfere with the authority of the priests (elders in the congregation) because there are two different authorities, and two different administrations. Also, the basic group of 10, won’t be (necessarily) the same as the congregation(s) itself that could be more important than a group of 10, with maybe two groups of 10. Or maybe less important than of group of 10, maybe a half group of 10 and so on… This good administration, between these two kinds of administrations (material and spiritual), will be based on the good agreement between the chief(s) and the priest(s), with the blessing of God and the blessing of Jesus Christ (Ezekiel 40-48). If Jehovah gives information in advance, it is because it must be used with the aim of taking the best decisions with anticipation, like Joseph with Pharaoh. The following letter will present some points for how to organize the group of 10, “Before” the Great Tribulation and “After” the Great Tribulation, By trying to be the most realistic as possible, the most specific as possible and the most practical as possible in the anticipation of the future collapse of this system of things: “The shrewd person sees the danger and conceals himself” (Proverbs 27:12). But what will be the concrete situation AFTER the Great Tribulation, according the prophecy of Ezekiel?

The administration of the local needs of the communities of 10

Another important decision is the sharing of the responsibilities among the Group of 10 Men. For example (these examples are only suggestions of distribution of responsibilities which have not at all a compulsory character (and can be completed), but which illustrate only how to administrate the local needs of the communities of 10):

  • The supply of energy for the community of 10. This man with this responsibility could help the community to know how to make fire without technological way. At the first time, He can make sure that all the families of the group of 10 have planned the ways to make the fire for the meal, to make the fire to warm ... At first, he will have to make sure that the families of the community of Ten have enough Matches, lighters or other utensils allowing to make of the fire. He will have to remind to the families for to equip them with candles, in matches, or other simple ways to make the fire and be able to have light (Repeated). The main purpose of this valid man could be to help the families of the community to anticipate the necessity of energy for different further situations.
  • The supply of food for the community of the 10. This man with this responsibility could help the families of the community to administrate the supply of food. At the first time, he will help them to remember to have at the first time, some food reserves for a few days on the way to face the necessity of To face the food needs for a hike in a destination which allows them to find a place where they would find food, such as fruits or vegetables and milk for the children in below age.
  • The administration of supply of clothes. This man with this responsibility will have to make sure that the community of Ten will anticipate the need in garment for family and particularly for the children, especially if they have to spend by the rigor of the winter (particularly in the Northern Hemisphere in the period  of the Seven Months).
  • The administration of the manufacturing of clothes, shoes, and other basic equipment…
  • The administration of the hygiene of the community of Ten. Particularly in the waste management for the health of the community of Ten and the respect for the nature.
  • The administration of the research for accommodation in the community of Ten.
  • The administration of the gardening, the agriculture, the collection of seeds, their use, to teach to the community in the gardening for to grow vegetables, to teach in the community how to take care of fruit trees, to teach them to milk a cow or how to milk one goat and so on...

What will unite these communities of Brothers and Sister is the brotherly love: “By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves” (John 13:35).