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 (The article "The hope of everlasting life", please click on the link)

1 - The primary doctrines of the Bible

2 - Forbidden by God



  • Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God in the sense that He is the only son of God directly created by God (Matthew 16: 13-17; John 1: 1-3). Jesus Christ is not the Almighty God and he is not part of a Trinity. Only faith in the atoning value of the blood of Christ allows the forgiveness of sins and the ransom value of the sacrifice of Christ will allow the healing of the Nations and the resurrection of the dead (John 3:16; Matthew 20:28).
  • The Holy Spirit is the active force of God. It is not a person, but an impersonal force (Acts 2:3). The Holy Spirit is not part of a Trinity.
  • The Kingdom of God is a heavenly Government established in heaven in 1914 and its enthroned King is Jesus Christ along with 144000 kings and priests, representing the "new Jerusalem", the bride of Christ. This God's Heavenly Government will end the current human domination during the Great Tribulation and will be established on Earth (Revelation 12: 7-12; 21: 1-4; Matthew 6: 9, 10; Daniel 2:44).
  • Death is the opposite of life. The soul dies and the spirit (the vital force) disappears (Psalm 146: 3, 4; Ecclesiastes 3: 19.20; 9: 5, 10).
  • We currently live in the Last Days of This System of Things that will end in the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24.25; Mark 13; Luke 21; Revelation 19: 11-21). Christ's presence (parousia) started in an invisible way, since 1914 and will end at the end of the thousand years (Matthew 24:3).
  • God has allowed the suffering in order to respond to the challenge of Satan the devil based the legitimacy of the Sovereignty of God (Genesis 3:1-6). God has allowed the suffering in order to respond to the accusation of the devil against the integrity of human beings (Job 1: 7-12; 2: 1-6). Satan the devil is responsible for the suffering (1 John 5:19). God doesn’t cause the suffering. He only allows this suffering for a determined time (Santiago 1:13; Revelation 21:3,4). The suffering is the result of four major factors: Satan the devil can be directly responsible of suffering (but not always) (Job 1: 7-12; 2: 1-6). The suffering is the result of our general condition of sinner inherited from Adam, thus resulting in old age, disease and death (Romans 6: 23; 5: 12). The suffering can be the result of bad human decisions, in connection with our inherited sinful condition inherited from Adam (Deuteronomy 32:5; Romans 7:19). The suffering may be the result of "time and the unexpected event", which makes that the person is at the same time, in the wrong place at the wrong time (Ecclesiastes 9:11). The Fate is not a biblical teaching, there is not a fatalistic force which would control our “free will” to do good or to do evil. On the basis of free will, as a gift of God, we decide to make "good" or "bad" by choice (Deuteronomy 30:15).
  • We must take a position for Jehovah God, and the King Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. We must be baptized and act in accordance with what it is written in the Bible (Matthew 28: 19.20). This position for the Kingdom of God is publicly shown by the Christian baptism, by preaching the Good News and by making new disciples of Christ (Matthew 24:14) (THE END OF PATRIOTISM).

Not all the forbidden situations by the Biblical Principles are mentioned in this part of this biblical study. The Christian maturity based on the knowledge of the Bible, the Wisdom of God, will help us to know what is right and what is wrong: “But solid food belongs to mature people, to those who through use have their powers of discernment trained to distinguish both right and wrong” (Hebrews 5:14)


Murderous hatred is forbidden: "Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has everlasting life remaining in him" (1 John 3:15). Murder and homicide are forbidden, for personal reasons, by religious patriotism or by state patriotism: "Then Jesus said to him: “Return your sword to its place, for all those who take up the sword will perish by the sword" (Matthew 26:52).
Theft is forbidden: "Let the one who steals steal no more; rather, let him do hard work, doing good work with his hands, so that he may have something to share with someone in need" (Ephesians 4:28).
Lying is forbidden: "Do not lie to one another. Strip off the old personality with its practices" (Colossians 3: 9).

Other prohibitions:

“Therefore, my decision is not to trouble those from the nations who are turning to God, 20 but to write them to abstain from things polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from what is strangled, and from blood (…) For the holy spirit and we ourselves have favored adding no further burden to you except these necessary things: 29 to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols, from blood, from what is strangled, and from sexual immorality. If you carefully keep yourselves from these things, you will prosper. Good health to you!” (Acts 15:19,20,28,29).

“Things polluted by idols” can be “things” in connection with the religious practices, with the worship of the false god; these “things” can also be meat “sacrificed to idols”, linked with religious practices before to kill the animal or to eat it (or part of it). According the eating “meat”, the apostle Paul wrote this, under inspiration: “Eat whatever is sold in a meat market, making no inquiry because of your conscience, 26 for “to Jehovah belong the earth and everything in it.” 27 If an unbeliever invites you and you want to go, eat whatever is set before you, making no inquiry on account of your conscience. 28 But if anyone says to you, “This is something offered in sacrifice,” do not eat because of the one who told you and because of conscience. 29 I do not mean your own conscience, but that of the other person. For why should my freedom be judged by another person’s conscience? 30 If I am partaking with thanks, why am I to be spoken of abusively over that for which I give thanks?” (1 Corinthians 10:25-30).

Get rid of past religious practices condemned by the Bible: “Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers. For what fellowship do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what sharing does light have with darkness? 15 Further, what harmony is there between Christ and Beʹli·al? Or what does a believer share in common with an unbeliever? 16 And what agreement does God’s temple have with idols? For we are a temple of a living God; just as God said: “I will reside among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.” 17 “‘Therefore, get out from among them, and separate yourselves,’ says Jehovah, ‘and quit touching the unclean thing’”; “‘and I will take you in.’” 18 “‘And I will become a father to you, and you will become sons and daughters to me,’ says Jehovah, the Almighty” (2 Corinthians 6:14-18).

Not to practice idolatry, and destroy anything with regard to this practice, crosses, statues for religious purposes (Matthew 7:13-23). Not to practice spiritism in its various forms, divination, magic, astrology... And destroy every object in relation to the occultism and our former false religion (Hechos19:19, 20). No to attend the religious celebrations of our former or other false religions that are displeasing to Jehovah God and His Son, King Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 10:20-22).

To get rid of unclean spiritual, moral, mental and physical practices as the use of (chemical drug) (not in the framework of therapeutic treatments) as Tabacco, marijuana, betel, the practice of drunkenness, the pornography (sexual and mental drug), to see violent movies (mental drug), gambling (mental drug) : “Therefore, I appeal to you by the compassions of God, brothers, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, a sacred service with your power of reason” (Romans 12:1; Matthew 5:27-30; Psalms 11:5).

“Sexual immorality” is sexual practices condemned in the Bible, the Word of God: The adultery, the sexual relations without being married (Man and Woman), the masculine and feminine homosexuality, the bestiality: "Or do you not know that unrighteous people will not inherit God’s Kingdom? Do not be misled. Those who are sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, men who submit to homosexual acts, men who practice homosexuality, 10 thieves, greedy people, drunkards, revilers, and extortioners will not inherit God’s Kingdom” (1 Corinthians 6:9,10). “Let marriage be honorable among all, and let the marriage bed be without defilement, for God will judge sexually immoral people and adulterers” (Hebrews 13:4).

The Bible doesn’t allow polygamy, therefore, the man in this situation who wants to have God's approval, will have to legalize his situation before God: He must remain only with one woman; the first with whom he gets married (1 Timothy 3:2 "a husband of one wife"). Perverted sexual practices and also masturbation are forbidden by the Bible: “Deaden, therefore, your body members that are on the earth as respects sexual immorality, uncleanness, uncontrolled sexual passion, hurtful desire, and greediness, which is idolatry” (Colossians 3:5).

“From blood, from what is strangled” is in connection with the prohibition of the consumption of the blood as food or medical use. “Strangled” meat is meat of the dead animal, also with its blood inside his body, we mustn’t eat this kind of meat: “Only flesh with its life—its blood—you must not eat” (Genesis 9:4).

Not all the forbidden situations by the Biblical Principles are mentioned in this part of this biblical study. The Christian maturity based on the knowledge of the Bible, the Wisdom of God, will help us to know what is right and what is wrong: “But solid food belongs to mature people, to those who through use have their powers of discernment trained to distinguish both right and wrong” (Hebrews 5:14) (SPIRITUAL MATURITY).